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[Question from JT: What about very very large data sets that may not be practical to make bulk-downloadable? For instance, if the Census makes geographic map tiles for a mapping application, or perhaps HD-quality recordings of meetings in an agency that doesn't have much server capacity? In the first case, it may not be subject to the OpenGov principles because it's not "primary" data?]

[comment from carl: i'm a big fan of "as big as possible." one of the excuses i've often heard is that a database or piece of media is "too big for the Internet" ... that excuse has invariably been wrong. disk is cheap and even, e.g., high-def video is not that hard to do. witness the Irish parliment for high-def video available on the net. if server space is an issue, then perhaps they only keep a limited window of data and it is up to the net to grab it before it is cycled out.]

[comment from Aaron: will host it if it's "too big"]