Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture

Corporate/business culture has become somewhat homogenous thanks to our 'best practices,' tools, business schools, trade media and the such. Young employees are often told to network and work hard to be more visible with higher ups.

This emphasis on visibility provides a subtle form of corruption. The best decisions are not made. The quiet opinions are blocked out in favor of the loud. Those with poorer (non-native) language skills have the value of their input diminished.

If somebody takes, somebody else gives

To influence a government there should be somebody who influences. A guess is that corporate governance is a cornerstone in this game. There might be a few questions arising:

  • Who influences, is it big companies, small ones, celebrities, anybody?
  • If there is influence, how is it? Is it money, travel, network&career, etc., or the opposite of it?
  • Do companies have ethical values, and do they live up to it?
  • Do companies follow legal values, e.g. sox?
  • How to best organize lobbying? E.g. winning influence game.

What can be done to be more ethical?

References for Corporate Culture

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