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The Wire

Docudrama dissecting the American city, represented by Baltimore, each season centering on a different sphere, while examining the lives and motivations of people from all walks and tracking a few central players throughout. "Corruption" is its theme, arguably, although you could as well describe it as a deliberate and extended case against any simple use of the word. The writers were "not interested in good and evil" when they undertook this project, one said in a "special feature" documentary on one of the show's DVDs. Written and directed by two Baltimore beat veterans, a newspaper reporter and a homicide detective. Wonderfully acted too.

The Corporation

A documentary video examining the nature of the legally constructed corporate entity.

Distorted Morality

Chomsky lecture at Harvard University examining the actions of the US government and their definition of terrorism.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Documentary exploring the auto industry and US government roles in stifling cleaner transportation technology.


Documentary examining the distorting relationship between a mainstream media corporation (FOX) and government.

Iraq for Sale

Documentary examining the mismatch of for-profit corporations acting as contractors during the occupation of Iraq.

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

Another documentary examining the relationship between mass media consolidation and government.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Classic 1987 documentary by Bill Moyers examining Iran/Contra and systemic corruption.

Century of the Self

A documentary by Adam Curtis examining the genesis of the public relations industry and it's subsequent development into the behemoth it is today. Great anecdote about how the PR industry convinced women to smoke cigarettes.