Criticism of The Future of Ideas

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Criticism of The Future of Ideas - see Anti-Lessig Reader for other works.


Chapter 1: "Free"

Part I: Dot.Commons

Chapter 2: Building Blocks: "Commons" And "Layers"

Chapter 3: Commons On The Wires

Chapter 4: Commons Among The Wired

Chapter 5: Commons, Wire-Less

Chapter 6: Commons Lessons

Part II Dot.Contrast

Chapter 7: Creativity In Real-Space

Chapter 8: Innovation From The Internet

Part III: Dot.Control

Chapter 9: Old Vs. New

Chapter 10: Controlling The Wires (And Hence The Code Layer)

Chapter 11: Controlling The Wired (And Hence The Content Layer)

Chapter 12: Controlling Wire-Less (And Hence The Physical Layer)

Chapter 13: What's Happening Here

Chapter 14: Alt.Commons

Chapter 15: What Orrin Understands

End Notes